Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Three Mediums and a Stencil walked into a bar...

This month at Mixed Media Monthly Challenge Blog the challenge is Three Mediums and a Stencil

This month is sponsored by Marabu Mixed Media Products.  The have sprays, crayons, stencils, paint etc...

Here is my take- so abstract, colorful, and big shapes not my usual but sometimes it is good to work outside the lines.  I didn't even use distress ink- hell has offically frozen over.

I started with a blank journal page painted with gesso, then colored with yellow Marabu art spray along with some Lindy's and plenty of water.

Lay stencil on dry page and sponge with Marabu Mousse.  The mousse is quite funky it leaves a stucco texture finish.

I added a black outline inside bird, then sponged white acrylic paint around bird to dilute the intensity of the background.

Next cut out leaves with old encyclopedia pages glued along left side.  Color inside of bird on flowers with yellow art crayons.

Finished by coloring leaves and adding doodles.

Have Fun!


  1. Gorgeous. Such a happy and cheerful piece.

  2. Beautiful use of those products! I am really digging the mousse texture, and you have demonstrated that perfectly here. Quite different from your usual, but goes to show how diverse an artist you are! Hugs!

  3. Beautiful journal page! The sprayed background is a lot of fun...and that bird stencil is SO cute!! Thanks for the inspiration. :)

  4. Fabulous page. I like the texture the mousse provides.

  5. Beautiful creation, love this mousse texture.

  6. I love the colours you used and the soft smudging around the bird and leaves. Lovely project!